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Sanest Bird's Nest Essence with Ginseng Sugar Free

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Vitality Essence with Bird's Nest from Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

PACKAGING: 6 sealed and individually portioned glass jars (6 x 2.4 fl. oz.), carefully packaged in a beautiful carton box.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Edible Bird's Nest Fibers (36%), Ginseng, Fucoidan, Agar-Agar, Stevia Extract. 

🌿 BOOST YOUR BODY & MIND   Powerful pick-me-up for strong vitality  - Infused with a slice of Korean ginseng inside each jar.

🌿 HIGH BIRD'S NEST CONTENT   Our Bird’s Nest Essence contains 36% of swallow’s nest fibers from natural reserve islands in Vietnam. The nests come from a rare Germani sub-specie that only nest in caves.

🌿 ANCIENT HEALTH FOOD   Bird’s nest (Yến Sào, 燕窝) was historically used in Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese Medicines for its multiple health benefits that no other food source could offer.

🌿 CLEAN LABEL   Only 6 ingredients - 100% Natural - No Preservatives - No Artificial Colorants - No Artificial Flavors - No Artificial Sweeteners

🌿 ECO ORIGIN   Swallow’s natural habitat is carefully protected to ensure ethical production and sustainability.

🌿 SUGAR-FREE   Naturally sweetened with stevia extract, our Bird's Nest Essence tastes good and is guilt-free - 1 serving has ZERO CALORIES and <1 g of carbs