Established in 1970 in Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam, today Sanest owns 32 islands with the total of 169 caves. According to Asian Record Organization, it's the owner of the highest number of swiftlet islands in Asia.

Currently Sanest corporation is working on the development of Bird's Nest Medicinal Supplements, Bird's Nest Cosmetic Products and Bird's Nest Nutrition Institute.

Hon Noi Island

Award-Winning Brand

Sanest's operations are based on sustainability, respect for nature and continuous innovation. They earned numerous awards, like Vietnam ValueVietnam Gold AwardVietnam Quality Award, and Vietnam Hero of Labor among others. Sanest products achieved international recognition and are available in the USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

High Quality Standards

Sanest harvests, refines and sells high quality whitered and pink Edible Bird's Nests from their bio-reserve islands. Combining modern technology and traditional know-how, they also produce bird's nest ready-made products, like Bird's Nest Essence line.

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Social Responsibility

Sanest actively contributes to the community and environment.


Sanest Edible Bird's Nest products are manufactured according to international ISO and HACCP quality standards in FDA Registered Facilities. Sanest Bird's Nest Essence line hold up-to-date FCE and SID certificates.   

Biobliss Hawaii legally imports Sanest Bird's Nest products into the US and holds up-to-date USDA and Fish & Wildlife import permits.