Welcome to the only Sanest Bird's Nest online store in the US!

  • Avoid Import Risk

    No need to order from Vietnam or ask someone to bring you bird's nests. Keep in mind, it's illegal to import bird's nest without special permit and it may be confiscated by US customs.

  • Don't Buy Fake Product

    No need to to settle for unknown bird's nest brand from Indonesia or Malasia. Don't waste your money on fake or lower quality bird's nest and avoid disappointment.

  • Don't Waste Your Time

    No need to spend hours soaking, cleaning, cooking and portioning bird's nest. Sanest Bird's Nest Essence is a ready-made healthy treat to enjoy anywhere any time.

Sanest Bird's Nest Essence

🌿 Concentrated Health Booster

🌿 36% Bird's Nest Fibers

🌿 Ready-Made & Portioned

🌿 Wild Swiftlet's Origin

🌿 Available Sugar-Free

🌿 100% Natural

  • Wild Swiftlets

    Sanest nests come from Aerodramus Fuciphagus Germany subspecies that only nest in caves. Cave nests have a better nutritional profile than farmed nests.

  • Eco Origin

    Sanest nests are harvested in the caves situated on small islands in Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam. These islands are natural reserves with clean ecology and rich biodiversity.

  • Clean Label

    Sanest Bird's Nest Essence is 100% natural. This means it contains: NO preservativesNO artificial flavorsNO artificial colorantsNO artificial sweeteners.

  • USA Compliant

    Sanest bird's nest products are made in FDA registered facilities in accordance with international quality standards. We hold all necessary USDA and US Fish & Wildlife licenses.