From Heritage Delicacy to Evidence-Based Superfood

For centuries Edible Bird's Nest was used in Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese Medicine for its healing properties. Thanks to recent scientific studies, today EBN is a multifunctional evidence-based superfood.

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  • Wild Swiftlets

    Our edible nests come from Aerodramus Fuciphagus Germany subspecies that only nest in caves. Cave nests have a better nutritional profile than farmed nests.

  • Eco Origin

    Our nests are harvested in the caves situated on small islands in Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam. These islands are natural reserves with clean ecology and rich biodiversity.

  • Clean Label

    Our EBN products are 100% natural. This means they contain: NO preservativesNO artificial flavorsNO artificial colorantsNO artificial sweeteners, and they are also NON GMO.

  • USA Compliant

    Our bird's nest products are made in FDA registered facilities in accordance with international quality standards. We hold all necessary USDA and US Fish & Wildlife licenses.

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